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Once upon a time, in the vast digital realm of toys and imagination, there existed an extraordinary e-commerce store named “Chosen.” With its captivating logo and enchanting website, Chosen had become a haven for toy enthusiasts, collectors, and dreamers alike. But what set Chosen apart was not just its collection of exquisite resin toys; it was the brand’s captivating story.
With a lifelong passion for toys and a deep appreciation for artistry, Chosen envisioned a place where extraordinary resin creations could be discovered and cherished. We believed that toys were more than mere playthings—they were gateways to enchanting worlds that sparked wonder and inspired endless creativity.
Driven by this vision, We set out to curate a remarkable selection of resin toys that would captivate the imagination. Each piece was carefully handpicked, reflecting Chosen’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and a touch of magic. The toys represented a diverse array of themes, from games to animation, inviting customers to explore new realms of imagination. To offer an unforgettable shopping experience, Chosen introduced a preorder policy that revolutionized the way customers could engage with the toys they loved. Preordering at Chosen meant being part of an exclusive journey, a magical anticipation leading up to the arrival of each unique creation.

With the preorder policy, customers had the opportunity to secure their desired resin toys before they even hit the shelves. By doing so, they became part of an esteemed group, the chosen few who would be among the first to own these limited-edition treasures. It was a chance to possess a piece of art that resonated with their souls and spoke to their innermost dreams.

Chosen’s preorder process was a symphony of excitement and collaboration. Customers were invited to explore detailed product descriptions, captivating images, and even sneak peeks of upcoming releases. Emily and her team ensured that every preorder was met with transparency and open communication, keeping customers informed about production timelines, progress updates, and any unforeseen delays.

When the day arrived, and the preordered toys were ready to be shipped, Chosen meticulously packaged each item with utmost care and attention. The packages were adorned with a touch of Chosen’s unique branding, adding a touch of wonder and anticipation to the unboxing experience. It was a moment of pure joy as customers unwrapped their long-awaited treasures, knowing they had embarked on a remarkable journey from the moment they placed their preorders.

Each resin toy became a cherished memento, a tangible piece of the magic that had touched their lives.

Chosen’s brand story was etched in the hearts of those who experienced its magic. Every preorder was not just a transaction, but a testament to the power of imagination and the joy of collecting.


Season Sale

In the last month of each quarter, (e.g. March of Q1), we have a special discount area, which can be found in the navigation bar.

Differential Shipping

Shipping costs are based on the overall weight of the package, size and destination of the order, so shipping costs vary from product to product.

Money Back Guarantee

If there is any doubt or dissatisfaction with the order, please contact the customer and we will evaluate it within 24 hours and negotiate a refund with the customer.

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